Intellectual Outputs & Project Goal

This project aims at two major goals:

  1. Establish a standard training and evaluation system for soft skills and teamwork in both offline and online environment

  2. Improve the digital skills and online teaching competences of university teachers through online teaching guidelines development, online tools assessment and development.

To achieve this goal, we will:

  • Create standards on soft skills training at university level

  • Create standards on soft skills evaluation of students in online environment

  • Create methodology for teachers’ trainings

  • Create digital platform to support teachers’ trainings as an open source tool

  • Establish open-access platform for soft skills training for students

IO1 Survey

04 - 10/2021

State-of-the-art analysis on soft skills digital education at universities serves to gather all accessible information on soft skills training, soft skills evaluation and digital tools used to support these processes at higher education level. We have been collected together 86 answers from 12 universities of all 5 partner countries

IO2  Evaluation methodology

09/2021 - 03/2022

Soft skills evaluation methodology and tools for digital education serves as preparation of a clear methodology for soft skills evaluation including guidelines on their training and pre-selection of tools to be used in online environment.

This output will deliver course templates for 4 study fields which will cover most of the study programmes (economics, technology, education sciences, languages); evaluation method and soft skills training methodology.

We want to provide teachers with online course structure adaptable to their condition which will spare teachers’ time for subject set up in digital environment and allow them to focus more on the subject content soft skills training.

IO3  Soft skills simulator module

10/2021 - 07/2022

Soft skills simulator module will support soft skills standard system with digital tool to enable the development of transversal skills such as creativity and critical thinking.The online e-learning module will include

  • database of adaptable course templates;

  • standards for soft skills evaluation;

  • project-based learning module including tasks assignment, team creation, team communication and file sharing, schedule planning (lectures, training sessions, exercises);

  • design thinking component (brain-writing).

Moreover, it will generate results from training sessions (in points) to be translated into university information system or other academic systems.

Modul Brainwriting (IO 3a)

Use this space to add more details about your site, a Brainwriting provides a training space for the development of creativity, teamwork, and team communication.

Brainwriting is suitable for every team member, introvert and extrovert.; With this tool you can easily present your ideas.

Brainwriting is a quality problem solving tool, stimulating creativity in business environment.customer quote, or to talk about important news.



Most of the teachers are able to train and evaluate these skills in offline environment, however, in current situation this is not possible and shift to online environment is necessary.

Soft skills training and evaluation in digital environment will enable to create a training scheme that can be used by partner institutions as well as other institutions, as tool for training of teachers and preparation of implementation of soft skills standard system.



Guide for digital soft skills training: soft skills standard system will summarise the soft skills standard system into single publication. The e-book will include following topics:

  • The link of design thinking tools to different types of education styles (frontal teaching, project-based learning, online teaching) for soft skills training;

  • Evaluation of soft skills development (soft skills evaluation model in online and offline environment);

  • Course templates and their use;

  • Variations of technological support to implement digital didactic methodologies;

  • Set of case studies describing implementation of subject templates including PBL and DT methodology within online environment with soft skills standard system.

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