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5 partners from 5 countries will make sure to deliver the best soft skills framework. The cooperation originated as natural follow up to the previous project D.T. Uni focused on Design Thinking methodology and long-term cooperation between ABC- Academic Business Centrum and its partner institutions from Czech Republic and Austria. All of the partners recognise the importance of soft skills in everyday life and in every profession, therefore, they agreed to develop a general framework on their evaluation.

ABC - Academic Business Centrum

ABC is an association that enables strategic collaboration between businesses and universities aiming at high-quality study programmes, better preparation of graduates for market needs as well as implementation of modern teaching techniques through trainings for teachers.

Masaryk University

Masaryk University is the second largest public university-type in Czech Republic located in Brno. It  consists of 10 faculties with approximately 1 300 study fields and 400 programmes encompassing academic disciplines from natural sciences to humanities.

University of applied sciences Upper Austria

FHO has campuses in the four main cities in Upper Austria, Linz, Wels, Steyr and Hagenberg. Each campus is dedicated to a specific topic: Applied Health & Social Sciences (Linz), Engineering & Environmental Sciences (Wels), Management (Steyr), Informatics, Communication & Media (Hagenberg) with a total number of 55 academic study programs.

Among others, FHO is member in international Cooperation networks such as IAUP, EUA, IEEE, EPU Uninet, CEEMAN, EAIE, SIETAR, I.S.L.E. network and the Austro-American Society.

Technische Universität Dresden

TUD is one of the largest technical universities in Germany and is among the leading and most dynamic universities in Germany. As a university with 18 faculties in five Schools, TUD offers a broad variety of 121 degree courses and covers a wide research spectrum in the Research Priority Areas Health Sciences, Biomedicine & Bioengineering, Information Technology & Microelectronics, Smart Materials & Structures, Energy, Mobility & Environment as well as Culture & Societal Change. Its international outreach is underlined by TUD’s motto “Knowledge builds bridges” and by a long history of cooperation projects in research and education, many of them being funded by the European Commission.

Bifrost University

Bifröst University’s role was to educate leaders for business and society at large. Later on, it was accredited as a university  offering also degrees in Law and Social Science. Bifröst is currently a partner in five Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Projects that focus on development of curricula and teaching methods from various perspectives.


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